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Bernard, the Bear Adventurer

LanTau Island, Hong Kong

Hello, I'm Bernard, small bear exemplar. I am a white teddybear from Lawrence, Kansas, in the United States. Wherever I go, I take pictures to share with my friends. Most times, I travel with my human companion, Emily. Here are my most recent adventures:

Adventures Abroad
Bernard Goes Around the World
Bernard Visits Arundel Castle
Bernard Visits Belgium
Bernard in Brighton
Bernard Goes to School in England

Bernard Goes to Paris
Bernard Visits Versailles

Adventures in the USA
Bernard in America
Bernard Visits Chinatown
Bernard Goes to Stanford University

In addition to traveling and photography, I enjoy snuggling, cuddling, and doing somersaults. I have also modelled for "Bear" Sketches, studied the works of William Shakespbeare, and as a bear detective aprehended the villian in The Snoopy Caper.

I hope you enjoy learning about my adventures as much as I enjoy having them!

-- Bernard

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Updated 10 March, 2015