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Renaissance Dance Links

Good Introductory Sites

Renaissance Dance -- introduction, brief descriptions of dance steps and video clips, facsimile copies of original dancing manuals.
Early Music and Renaissance Music

Renaissance Dance Sites and Sources

Casazza's Renaissance Dance Sources -- transcriptions and choreographies.
Dance Books Ltd. (in the UK) and Dance Horizons (in the UK) -- not the cheapest, but one of the most comprehensive selections of historical dance books available for purchase. Listings include a brief description of the book's contents.
Del's Dance Book -- transcriptions, choreographies, articles, music, etc.
International Encyclopedia of Dance -- excellent, comprehensive, and well worth the cost!
Rendance - extensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources, the Rendance discussion list with archives, and related links.
Robert Keller's The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Combendium -- searchable database of all Playford dances (all editions) with links to facsimiles of original music and instructions.
Russel Almond's Early Dance Music -- scores and midi files of SCA dance music, some broken links.
SCA Renaissance Dance Homepage -- transcriptions, choreographies, and relevant links.

Renaissance Dance Groups

Bedford Early Dance and Music -- British historical dance group, offers workshops
Calendar of Historical Dance -- listing of dance groups and individual instructors, mostly European
The Historical Dance Society (HDS) -- British historical dance society, offers workshops, publications, sponsors conferences, etc.
Folia, Ensemble for Renaisance and Baroque Dance -- Netherlands-based historical dance group, offers workshops, publications, etc.
La Rossingnol -- Italian historical dance group, offers courses, performances
New York Historical Dance Company -- New York City-based dance group, offers workshops, performances, publications
Nonsuch Early Dance -- British/Spanish historical dance group, offers workshops, publications

Historical Dance Summer Institutes and Workshops

Calendar of Historical Dance -- event listings, mostly European, some North American.

Bagnacavallo Early Music and Dance Workshop (Italy) -- Renaissance and Baroque dance, instrumental, and vocal performance classes.
Early Dance Courses at Urbino Early Music (Italy) -- Renaissance and Baroque dance classes.
Folia Summer School (France) -- late Renaissance and Baroque dance. (See "Diary" for details.)
Historical Dance Symposium (Germany) -- hosts annual conference for scholars and practitioners

United Kingdom
DHDS Summer School -- annual program, with time period of study changing each year, from 15th to 19th centuries.
Nonsuch Summer Course -- annual program, whirlwind tour of social dances from 15th to 19th centuries.

Early Dance at Longy -- classes in Renaissance and Baroque dance and in Baroque dance notation.
Historical Dance Program at the Amherst Early Music Festival -- classes in Renaissance and Baroque dance and in Baroque dance notation.
Santa Barbara Historical Dance Week -- top teachers teach social dances from 17th to 20th centuries. Can concentrate on one period or mix & match.

Dance History Organizations

The Canadian Society for Dance Studies/ La société canadienne d’études en danse (CSDS/SCED) -- Support and advocacy group for Canadian dance studies promoting dance research and discussion in all areas of dance, sponsors annual conference and online published proceedings
Congress On Research in Dance (CORD) -- American/international organization promoting dance research, publishing, and discussion in all areas of dance, sponsors annual conference and published proceedings, awards, and publishes the Dance Research Journal

Dance Notation Bureau (DNB) -- American-based organization dedicated to the study, use, and preservation of dance notation systems
Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society (DHDS) -- British historical dance society, offers workshops, publications, sponsors conferences, etc.
Early Dance Circle (EDC) -- British umbrella organization for historical dance groups, produces event listings and newsletter
English Folk Dance & Song Society (EFDSS) -- British historical music and dance organization, offers events, publications, and the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
European Association of Dance Historians (EADH) -- European professional society for dance historians of all periods, bi-annual conference and published conference proceedings, newsletter, etc.
Rendance - scholarly Renaissance dance discussion list plus archives, bibliography, and other resources
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) -- dance-related e-mail discussion list and archives for the SCA
Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS) -- American professional society for dance historians of all periods, annual conference and published conference proceedings, awards, etc.
Society for Dance Research (SDR) -- UK-based, promotes dance research and events of all types, historical and otherwise, publishes Dance Research journal and conference proceedings

Relevant Scholarly Journals for Shakespearean and Renaissance Dance

Dance Research -- refereed journal addressing all genres and periods of dance
Dance Research Journal -- scholarly journal with articles and reviews on all genres and periods of dance
Past and Present -- refereed hist
ory journal, particularly social and cultural history of all periods
Renaissance Quarterly -- refereed journal publishing interdisciplinary articles and reviews in all aspects of Renaissance studies
Shakespeare Quarterly -- refereed journal of current Shakespeare scholarship, articles and reviews often relevant to, and occasionally address historical dance
Sixteenth Century Journal -- refereed journal publishing interdisciplinary articles and reviews on all aspects of the sixteenth century.

Where to Study Dance History -- Degree Programs

United Kingdom
University of Surrey Roehampton -- Dance (MPhil/PhD). (Also several MA/PGDip dance programmes: Dance Studies; Ballet Studies; Dance Anthropology, etc. See also Drama, Theatre and Performance (MPhil/PhD); and Performance and Creative Research (MA/MRes).)
University of Surrey Guildford -- Dance Studies (MPhil/PhD)

University of California Riverside --Critcal Dance Studies (PhD)
Temple University -- Dance (PhD)
Texas Women's University -- Dance (PhD)

Historical Dance Libraries, Collections, and Archives

Centre for Research in Early English Drama -- affiliated with the University of Toronto

United Kingdom
Theatre and Performance Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum (the former Theatre Museum) -- London (search special collections)
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library -- early music and dance collections -- Cecil Sharp House, London

Jerome Robbins Dance Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts -- New York City
The Ohio State University Music and Dance Library -- Columbus, Ohio
Performing Arts Reading Room (Library of Congress) -- Washington, D.C.
The University of Kansas Thomas Gorton Music and Dance Library -- Lawrence, Kansas

Shakespeare and English Renaissance Drama

Early Modern Resources -- wide variety of links to history, literature, and art sites for 1500-1800
Gabrial Egan's Drama Database -- contains comprehensive list of links to scripts
Folger Shakespeare Library
Biographical Index to the Elizabethan Theater
Records of Early English Drama -- Toronto-based Centre for Research in Early English Drama
Renascence Editions -- extensive online collection of works printed in English from 1477-1799
Royal Shakespeare Company Performance Database-- information about plays, productions, and artists involved with the RSC since 1879
Shakespeare Resources Guide -- maintained by SHAKSPER: The Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust -- Stratford-on-Avon
Shakespeare's Globe -- current productions and educational resources for the New Globe Theatre
World Shakespeare Bibliography (members only)

Renaissance & Elizabethan Costumes

American Duchess -- medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque shoes
Elizabethan Costumes by Lynn McMasters -- custom Elizabethan costumes
The Elizabethan Costuming Page -- patterns, pictures, and useful links
La Paloma Hats -- specializing in Elizabethan hats for men and women
Noblesse Oblige -- high-quality ready-made Elizabethan and Renaissance costumes
Tall Toad Hats -- specializing in historical hats for men and women


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