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The Bard's Galliard

A Practical Guide to Shakespearean Dance

Table of Contents: Research Thesis

Title Page
The Apology

The Goal of this Work
The Current State of Shakespearean Dance

A History of Renaissance Dance: The Court, The Church, and The Dance
Renaissance Dance's Darker Origins: Medieval Dance
The Official Origins of Renaissance Dance: The Classical Influence
Dance Events and Dance Steps

Love's Labor's Lost and Dance Tautology: Dance as a metonym for love and courtship
Dancing in Twelfth Night: Courtly versus carnal entertainments

The Court Masque: The Measures and Revels

The Jonsonian Masque as Choreographic Resource for Shakespeare's Plays


The 10 Most Useful Resources for Studying and Staging Dance in Shakespeare Plays

Annotated Bibliography

Addendum: Dance References in the Plays

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